The Greatest Love of All

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.  Already the stores are filled with chocolates, cards and gifts.  All the end caps are loaded with Valentine’s Day merchandise.  You can buy socks with little hearts on them, earrings with little cupids and even “unmentionables” in Valentine décor.  The radio and television are filled with ads from jewelry stores encouraging us to buy that “special gift” for that “special person” in your life.  It only costs a few hundreds or more—but she’s worth it.  Everything you could ever want to express your love on Valentine’s Day is there for you to buy.  All the stores and merchandisers want us to get into the “Valentine mood”.

Valentine’s Day is a day for lovers.

 In our Christian faith, one can claim every single day is a day for lovers.  For we know the greatest lover of all.

Each and every day of the week God loves you.  Each and every day God loves you with a love that is so pure and unconditional that God does not wait for your response.  Each and every day God loves you deeper than a parent loves a child.  Each and every moment of each and every day God loves you—unconditionally.

 God’s love cannot be bought .It can only be received.  It is pure gift from the Giver.  Like a child opening a Christmas present or a birthday present, filled with wonder and joy, so we joyfully receive the gift of God’s love into our hearts.

 Luther once said, “God is a holy furnace of love”.

 God’s love burns bright for you this day, shining with the light of Jesus Christ.  To paraphrase John 3:16, “God so loved you that God gave His only Son…”.

 God’s love for you is so strong, so pure, so steadfast, that God sacrificed his only Son for you.  Jesus, the babe born in Bethlehem, is the pureness of that love in the flesh.  Jesus was born, buried, and was raised from the dead on the third day so you might know the wonder of God’s great love for you.

 “When will that love end?”, we might ask.

 Never.  God’s love never ends.  It burns with the flame of the spirit each and every day.  For who?  For you.

 Today is your Valentine’s Day from God, the greatest lover of all.

 Beloved, let us love one another, because love is from God; everyone who loves is born of God and knows God.  Whoever does not love does not know God, for God is love.—1 John 4:7&8

In God’s Love,

Pastor Dave Grant, Interim Pastor