Our Confirmation Students are Asking for a Faith Friend

You soon may be receiving a phone call or having a conversation with one of our confirmation students.  Consider it a great honor that the student has thought of you.  Being invited into their life is a great privilege.  Our student and/or one of their parents will be asking you to be their friend in Christ and a confirmation mentor this year.

What is a confirmation mentor?

“A mentor doesn’t need to be a trained theologian or someone who has all the answers.  Rather, a mentor is an adult who is mature in the faith and can walk alongside a young person on the confirmation journey.”

A mentor is not a parent, a peer, a bank, God or perfect.

But a mentor IS

Someone to talk to.

Someone to say, “You matter to me.”

Someone who can listen

Someone who takes students seriously.

Someone who doesn’t judge.

Someone who is understanding.

Someone who loves to laugh.

Someone who can be serious.

Someone who cares.

Confirmation mentors will be asked to do the following things:

Attend the training session in October.

Meet five times for intentional conversation about the Christian faith.

Discuss matters of faith honestly, helpfully and candidly.

Pray regularly for their new young faith friend.

Be a friend who cares.

Take interest in their faith friend’s life & activities.

Be present on Confirmation Day, May 19th, as their young faith friend affirms their Baptism.

If a confirmation students asks you to be their faith friend/confirmation mentor for this year, please prayerfully say “Yes!”

Feel free to talk to Pastor Dave if you have any questions or need more information about this exciting new program in our church.